Friday, 10 August 2012

Long time no post! An apology mini-haul...

Hi again!

Sorry for the lack of posts... the 7 things thing didn't really work out as I've found my life slowly consumed by my fitness routine. It's worked though - I've lost half a stone so far, yey! More on that later, though... today I bring you a mini-haul of some of the things I've collected throughout the past few weeks and am really excited about trying once I actually start wearing make-up on a daily basis again (there's little point in wearing it at the gym as I quickly sweat it off - glamorous, I know!). 

Eau Roma Water ✰ Lush
I had to pick this up from Lush along with my 'Angels on Bare Skin' cleanser to add a cheap-and-cheerful toner to my skincare routine, and so far - I like! It doesn't smell so much like rose to me, more like a nice herbally scent with notes of lavender, either way, it's natural and refreshing. I also like to use this to sort out my powder-face in the summer months because I tend to go a bit OTT with the ol' blotting powder to stop me looking 'too glowy' in the hot weather, to put it nicely. Using this after powder has allowed me to look dewy without looking sweaty!

Creemsheen in 'Creme Cup'  MAC
I only went and popped my MAC cherry with this beauty didn't I? Shocking, I know. I'm not looking back now, though. Although this comes out a little pinker than I originally intended it to (I bought it on the assumption that it would be a 'my lips but better', everyday shade that was more moisturising than my Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet lipstick), I'm growing to love this. The consistency of this creemsheen is exactly what I was looking for, moisturising but not too slippery so it stays put for a while, not to mention the beautiful smell - it smells like a subtle cookie dough to me! 

Dewy Glow All over Radiance Creme in 'Iced Gold'  Jemma Kidd Make Up School
I know, I know, I'm REALLY late jumping on this bandwagon. I've been lusting after this one ever since I first heard about it on Estée's and Vivianna's blogs and Youtube channels. I could finally afford it after BeautyBay did a recent offer of 20% off all Jemma Kidd items - amaaaahhzing! Initially I'm not so sure about it to be honest, it looks pretty in the packaging but perhaps a bit too subtle for my liking. I'm sure I'll share my full opinions on it when I've given it a good trial run.

Dallas ✰ Benefit
This is the thing I'm most excited about, I haven't tried it on the visage or even swatched it yet but against my initial presumptions I've fallen in love with the colour. It was bought for me, very thoughtfully, as a gift from BuyaPowa and I can not express how much it has cheered me up this past week. I have often donated many a thought and a fantasy about the Autumn looks I could create with it whilst plodding away on the cross-trainer at the gym. I'm very pale and never looked at this powder because I just assumed it was a bronzer and I'm really not a fan of trying to alter my Casper the friendly ghost look; however, when I recieved it i saw that it was the most beautiful dusky pinky-brown shade and I can't wait to use it as a contour or a more nudey blush for the Autumn. 

That's all my lieblings, expect full reviews on these products soon... if I feel like it ;)
Let me know if you have tried any of these products and which ones you like best!