Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Instagram: Trip to London

1. My ticket to Wicked   2. Helena <3   3. The awesome view for Wicked   4. The Globe Theatre   5.  The Millenium Bridge   6. A pretty flower   7. Tickets for the Damien Hirst exhibition   8. 'Hymn' by Hirst at the Tate Modern   9. A beautiful day in London
Last week I went to London for the third time in my short life as a treat for Helena's birthday and I thought I'd show you the bits of our short trip I that immortalised on instagram :) We were there for two days and managed to see Wicked, the Damien Hirst exhibition and do a bit of casual sight-seeing in the sun although I admit I wish I could have stayed a lot longer because I really fell in love with the Tate Modern and the surrounding area. It was beautiful weather and I love the atmosphere in London; most people talk about Londoners as though they're really antisocial but it all felt very friendly and inclusive to me, just lots of different people doing their own thing and enjoying the city. Hopefully I can live there in the future for a while and then I'll have been a resident of the 3 major UK cities, aww yeeeahh. Although I'm not sure whether I'd be able to afford it, £2.58 for a tube of pringles Tesco? Are you kidding me? Not on my student budget! hehe ;)

Hollie x


  1. Oh the photo of the Millenium Bridge is so pretty! Looks like so much fun, I really want to go to London. :) xo

  2. Beautiful photos!! The Damien Hirst exhibition was pretty crazy, wasn't it?

    x Ellie

  3. Great Post, I bet Wicked was amazing xxx