Monday, 4 February 2013

Cream Puff Lip Cream

Cream Puff Lip Cream in 'Fairy Cake' and 'Cotton Candy'; Collection - £2.99
Ah, liquid lipsticks. Things I did not know I could love until I went a little crazy after my January exams  and bought myself a few (too many) hump-day treats. During the spell of capitalism-induced insanity I picked up six different lip products. Don't worry - they were all drugstore, so non too pricey, but these little babies were the cheapest AND my favourite of the bunch!

'Fairy Cake' is a warm, coraly, light-terracotta colour that I think would be a nice option for the days when you fancy a bit more lip colour in the summer...

... and 'Cotton Candy' is a cool-toned dusky pink that looks great on pale skin and is a perfect "your lips but better" colour.

They have a comfortable light, texture when on the lips but as you can see here have a lovely velvety matte finish and the applicator makes it easy to throw on without a mirror. [side-note: how do people hold their hands when doing swatches? Deformed turtle was the position I apparently went for... apologies for my confused hand] 

'Fairy Cake' on the lips

'Cotton Candy' on the lips
I love this product. I've been wearing Cotton Candy pretty much every day and Fairy Cake when I feel like my face needs a bit of warming up. I would definitely recommend putting on a lip balm before you first apply the lip cream, though, as although they're really smooth they don't moisturise your lips - not that I would expect that from this kind of product, but just a heads up for ya! They don't have tremendous lasting power - a couple of hours or so- but wear off really nicely and are a joy to apply because... THE SMELL. I've got two words for you - crème. brûlée.  Damn these things smell good, yet another beauty product to add to the list of things to remind myself not to eat. It's not too much if you don't like scented things, however, the smell wears off quickly after application.

They're just such easy, wearable colours and I struggle to find faults when they're at such a cheap price. The only real downside I can put to these is that there doesn't actually seem to be much product in the tube, but come on, at £2.99 how much did I expect?

FYI they come in 2 other browny-nude colours that I didn't really care for but if you're into the Jodie Marsh look then go for it!


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