Saturday, 2 February 2013

Let the Good Times Roll

Let The Good Times Roll Facial Cleanser; Lush
My skin is horrendus in winter, dryer than your nan's cooch and flakier than a high-school boyfriend; but recently it had been getting worse - red and lumpy in all the wrong places (there are too many crude jokes to be made here). I've now realised it's time to put down the face wipes and stop falling asleep half-clothed and cake-faced after a long night of last minute coursework writing (drinking) and sort myself out. So, I picked up this limited edition cleanser from Lush a month or so before Christmas:

The pot describes this as a gentle facial wash that helps you get ready for close-ups. What it SHOULD say is that it's a creamy, lightly exfoliating tub of fatty crack. Yeah, I said that. This shit is crack for people with fat souls: cake-eating biscuit lovers who could happily spend their days rolling in cookie dough and whipped cream. Just LOOK AT IT FOR GOODNESS SAKE:

Does that look edible to anyone else? Anyway. What I mean to convey is how beautiful the smell is. It smells like cookies and actually contains pop-corn, which I'll admit you do have to pick out unless you want broken capillaries all over your face but who doesn't love a gimmick like that? I'm sad to admit that this product actually motivates me to get out of bed in the morning because I relish the thought of rubbing such a great-smelling mush onto my cheeks. Gone are the days of chemically-smelling harsh cleansers, this makes me feel all natural and like it's really doing something for my skin, which is why I've been through a tub already. It's made looking after my skin a bit more fun and I'll be really sad when my second tub runs out because although it's rumoured to become part of the Lush permanent line, who knows when this will happen?

I like to pinch a chick pea size and massage it into my palm with a bit of warm water, rub it all over my face (especially in the extra dry areas like the sides of my nose, on my forehead etc)  and rinse. I do this day and night, twice each time - once to get off my face make-up and then to deep-cleanse my skin. It feels really soft yet moves dead skin due to the slightly grainy texture. My face is left feeling caressable afterwards and there isn't any residual muck on my face (I've wiped my face with toner after double cleansing with this and not a drop of make-up was left on the cotton pad). I wouldn't recommend using this to try and remove eye make-up, however, it doesn't work (I've tried) and although getting this in your eye isn't going to do any major damage the little grains cuddling your naked eye-ball doesn't feel too pleasant (again, I've tried).

I know this review isn't much help to anyone else while this product isn't currently in stores, and I'm not trying to 'rub it in your face' (cringe), I just had to get this out of my system. Meanwhile, if you're looking to try a Lush cleanser that's actually available, I recommend Angels On Bare Skin. It isn't quite as good as this but that's what I'll be reverting back too when this little baby runs out :'(


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